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About Us

We are one. We are united. No matter how far away from home, we are one.This is the message behind InVividColor.

From the outside looking in, we see the story of Africa's children across the globe being told through diluted lens. These stories do not truly capture the essence of what it means to be of African descent. 

Until 2018, with the premier of the Black Panther movie, when the African spirit was felt across the globe. All of Africa's children across the diaspora were united by this one story. All the lovers of Africa's children were enthralled. It was here that InVividColor was born.

Africa's children, no matter how far removed from Her in geography, time, or space, have many things in common. We are colorful and vibrant people in all facets of life - in music, dance, food, fashion, technology, healing, and the list goes on and on.